I’ve recently made a discovery, and have consequently come to a decision: Anybody that knows me also knows that I’ve got interests in all sorts of things, and that although I have good ideas with merit and substance, I lack the technical genius to be proficient at any of them. So I decided that instead of trying to pigeonhole myself into specializing in any one profession, whatever talents I may possess would be put to better use if I followed Da Vinci’s lead by applying my ideas to all my areas of interest, and allowing more capable minds to work out the ideas’ logistical realities. I’m certain that, in many cases, those minds have already thoroughly examined the concept (I absolutely refuse to take credit for the ideas of other people). In others, the applicable technology is still in its infancy or has yet to even be realized. And some of the ideas I present are too nebulous for others to grasp, because I haven’t sufficiently articulated them yet in my own mind (yes, it’s unfortunately one of the drawbacks of having Asperger’s — they won’t all be goldmines).

So what I’m basically planning to do is a kind of blog from the Asperger point of view — likely sporadic, since my ideas come of their own volition and at their own pace — of practical ideas (the common-sense, forehead-slapping, “Why Doesn’t This Exist Yet?” kind) where the world around us could use improvement.

Keep your eyes peeled, because I never know when inspiration will strike….

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