Stoplight Alert App

This baffles me a little as to why it has yet to be created:

A simple and inexpensive (free during first week of release) program which chimes to alert drivers to changes in traffic lights, allowing use of a mobile device without having to constantly look up to see if the light has turned green and avoid being a nuisance to cars behind them.

Application could be configured to alert visually impaired pedestrians at intersections. Could also be utilized by law enforcement, emt, etc. to modify traffic lights in advance to alert drivers of direction of approach, minimizing potential traffic incidents.

Program would conceivably utilize sensor found in most modern mobile devices to receive specific radio(?) transmission signal frequency from traffic boxes via wifi, and could likely be incorporated into gps navigation units. User would be able to configure chime with either pre-packaged or imported .wav or .mpeg sound files,

~ by hockart on April 29, 2011.

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