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I thought this would be the perfect kickoff concept for this blog about ideas…

The thorniest problem with launching intellectual property on the internet is that someone unscrupulous can come along and snatch them up, claiming the idea as their own. And while the servers hosting the forums in which such ideas might be launched keep a record of when the information was posted, there’s always the possibility that a sly enough hacker can manipulate the date and time to make it appear as if they had the idea first.

In my various meanderings through the internet’s knowledgebase, I’ve done some research on the subject of quantum computing. If my understanding is correct, this kind of technology could theoretically make it impossible for those predisposed to profiting through fraudulence to steal the ideas conceived by others. And since it’s only a matter of time before tech corporations have refined quantum computing to the point that it will be available to the public, it seems to me that the inventive among us would like to be able to publish their concepts (potentially worth substantial amounts of money) with full legal copyright protection, backed up by court-admissible evidence of the veracity of their claim – made possible by quantum security.

The beginnings of a possible mechanism of action:

The next computer: your genes

( — “Human beings are more or less like a computer,” Jian-Jun Shu tells “We do computing work, and our DNA can be used in computing operations.” Shu is a professor at the School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at the Nanyang Technical University in Singapore. “For some problems, DNA-based computing could replace silicon-based computing, offering many advantages.”

~ by hockart on April 26, 2011.

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